How to Play Fingerpicking Blues Ukulele

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of daddystovepipe’s bluesy ukulele playing. Such a big fan I’ve decided to include his fingerpicking blues ebook in the How to Play Ukulele section.

The ebook makes a great follow-up to How to Play Blues Ukulele. It takes the scale, chords and licks from that ebook, puts them in context of songs and tunes and gives them new twists. I’ve learnt a bunch of tasty blues licks from his arrangements which have spiced up my blues playing and sparked off a ton of ideas for me as well as adding new tunes to my repertoire.

It contains tab (in gCEA tuning) for 6 songs. Each tune has a YouTube video performance and tutorial video to go along with it.

The tabs are:

Macon Rag
Somebody Loves Me
Ragged and Dirty
Hesitation Blues
Bootleg Rum Dum Blues

You can watch all the performances and tutorials in this playlist.

As always, there’s a full, no questions asked guarantee. If you get it and you want your money back, just email me within a week of buying with your PalPal email address and I’ll make sure you get a full refund.

For People Who Haven’t Bought One of My eBooks Before

Here’s what happens. Once you click ‘Buy Now’ you’re taken to the basket page. Click the PayPal button and you’ll be taken to PayPal where you can by credit/debit card (click ‘Continue’ in the left hand column) or with your PayPal account. The whole payment process is handled by PayPal so neither me nor any nefarious web-based ne’er-do-wells will be able to get your credit card info.

Once you’ve paid, click ‘Complete Purchase’ and you’ll be taken straight to the download page where you can download your ebook. You’ll also be sent an email with the download info on as well.

You’ll download a zip file (which most computers should be able to do without installing any new software) and inside that will be a pdf with links to all the videos and tutorials, and also a folder containing individual pdfs for each tab. To read pdf files you can use Adobe Reader (which comes installed on most PCs or you can download it free here) or Preview on the Mac.

If you have any questions or concerns shoot me a message here.

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