Steven Sproat, Vaughn De Leath: Friday Links

The outbreak of ukulele stories from last week rolled on. According to the BBC, Steven Sproat reckons too many people are playing the ukulele. A decent article (i.e. Formby is given more suitable prominence) on the Duke of Uke’s troubles (and Neil ‘Mr Amanda Palmer’ Gaiman, Iain Lee and Jeremy Warmsley have been tweeting their support).

Vaughn De Leath’s ukulele instruction record from 1928 (thanks to Ron Hale).

Festival season: photos from the Belgium ukulele festival and video from the Ukulele Boudoir festival and Ukulele World Congress.

The World’s most dangerous triplet.

Shelley Rickey tells BUST magazine how to make a cigar box ukulele.

Bari and non-bari chord charts from Ukulele Bartt.

The guy who put together the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra answers the question, “how did you get the idea of producing a ukulele show?” This is probably only of interest to Brits of a similar age to me, Peter Moss is responsible for the later Grange Hill theme that replaced Alan Hawkshaw’s slice of genius.

Zelda Overworld Theme on Uker Tabs.

Dancing chord diagrams.

Blondie cover Beirut give it a listen here (no uke in their version). Beirut themselves have released a new single (of an old song) and have announced a new album out in August.

Would I get more chicks if I played the banjo or a ukulele?

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