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Blues and Rock Slide Ukulele

Carrying on from The Joker, more of my favourite slide moments. I wrote an ebook about playing slide ukulele. But the number one tip is: mute everything. Slide playing is noisey (which is part of its charm) so you need to mute the strings behind the string with your index and middle fingers. And use […]

Polychords: Making Jazz Chords from Easy Chords

There’s a neat little trick at the end of the solo in Steve Miller’s The Joker. While the backing guitar plays a C chord, the lead guitar slides into an F chord. The two chords blend together to make a much more interesting sound than they do individually. Stacked chords like these are known as […]

Steve Miller Band – The Joker (Chords)

Steve Miller Band – The Joker (Chords) I’ve felt in a bit of a rut recently. And I’ve found the best way to bust it is to changing things up a bit. So I slipped a slide on my finger and tried out some of my favourite slide guitar bits on uke. Including The Joker‘s […]

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