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Buy A Ukulele

Buying a ukulele can be a very tricky task - particularly if you're buying one for the first time. The Buy a Ukulele section of this site aims to help you make a decision by giving you reviews, information and videos of on a wide range of ukuleles.

Which Brand of Ukulele Should I Buy?

- There's a huge range of makes of ukulele out there. This section gives you a quick history of each of the major brands, a discussion of the type of ukuleles they make, reviews from Ukulele Hunt readers and a video showcasing the uke (where available). Hopefully giving you a much better idea of which ukulele to buy and which to avoid.

Some of the ukuleles with the best reputation for beginners are Lanikai (particularly the budget LU-21 Lanikai ukuleles) and Kala (their KA-S ukuleles and Makala ukuleles are very popular with kids).

If you're looking to spend a bit (or a lot) more, take a look at the KoAloha ukuleles or the Pono ukuleles.

If you're after an electric ukulele, take a look at buying the Ovation Applause ukuleles or the Bugsgear Eleukes.

Which Size of Ukulele Should I Buy?

- There are four main sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Most people start on the soprano ukulele since it is the traditional ukulele and, since it is the smallest, it requires less stretching. But more and more people are buying tenor ukuleles - inspired by the likes of Jake Shimabukuro - which is more suited to solo, instrumental ukulele playing.

How Much Should I Spend on a Ukulele?

- Your budget is going to play a big part in your decision. Most first time buyers get a very cheap ukulele - that's certainly what I did. But it is spending a little more to get a ukulele the sounds and feels good and is well set up. There are many good quality ukuleles in the $50 -$100 range. Buying one of these ukuleles will give you a nice uke which will encourage you to play more.

Which Strings Should I Use?

- When you buy a ukulele, it will come with strings fitted - but often these are cheap, poor quality strings. There are two types of ukulele strings that stand out above the others: Aquila and Worth. Spending a little extra money on these will make your ukulele sound much better than it does with cheap strings.

With the different sizes and tunings, buying ukulele strings is a bit of a minefield. This section will give you some guidance.

Which Ukulele Accessories Do I Need?

- Buying a ukulele isn't the end of the spending. There are plenty of other bits and pieces you just begging you to buy them: capos, felt picks, straps and a whole lot of other stuff to keep your ukulele company. This section looks at which accessories are a must buy and which are less essential.

If you've got any advice or opinions to offer on any of your ukes (good, bad or indifferent), shoot me a message, let me know what you think and I'll add your opinions to the page.

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