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  • Buying Advice
    Advice on buying a ukulele from the experts.

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  • Which Size?
    A buyer's guide to the different sizes of ukulele.
  •  Soprano
    A buyer's guide to soprano ukuleles.
  •  Concert
    A buyer's guide to concert sized ukuleles.
  •  Tenor
    A buyer's guide to tenor sized ukuleles.
  •   Cheap Tenor Ukuleles
    Find the best value tenor ukuleles: all for under $100.
  •  Baritone
    A guide to buying baritone ukuleles.
  •  Unusual Sizes
    A look at unusual sizes of ukulele including sopranino and super-tenor.
  •   Sopranino
    A buyer's guide to sopranino ukuleles: the baby of the ukulele family.
  •   Super Concert
    A guide to super-concert ukuleles.
  •   Super Soprano
    A guide to super soprano ukuleles.
  •   Super Tenor
    A buyer's guide to super tenor ukuleles.
  • How Much?
    A buyer's guide to ukuleles divided by price
  •  Under $20
    Shop for ukuleles under $20
  •  Under $50
    Shop for ukuleles under $50
  •  $50 - $100
    Find a ukulele to buy in the $50 - $100 price range.
  •  $100 - $200
    Find ukuleles for sale online between $100 and $200.
  •  $200-$300
    Find ukuleles for a budget of between $200 and $300.
  •  $300 - $500
    Shopping for ukuleles priced between $300 and $500.
  •  $500 - $1,000
    A guide to finding the right ukulele for between $500 and $1,000.
  •  Over $1,000
    A guide to the most expensive ukuleles around.
  • Which Brand?
    A buyer's guide to different brands of ukulele.
  •  Applause
    A buyer's guide to Ovation Applause Ukuleles.
  •   Tenor
    A buyer's guide to Tenor Applause Ukuleles.
  •  Brownsville
    Review of Brownsville ukuleles.
  •  Bugsgear
    A buyer's guide to BugsGear Ukuleles.
  •   EleUke
    A buyer's guide to BugsGear electric EleUke ukuleles.
  •  Bushman
    A guide to Bushman ukuleles, including the Bushman Jenny and Bushman Cedar Tone.
  •  Favilla
    A guide to Favilla Ukuleles.
  •  Flea
    Buyer's Guide to Flea ukuleles.
  •  Fluke
    A buyer's guide to and review of fluke ukuleles.
  •   Tenor
    Buyer's guide to tenor fluke ukuleles.
  •  G String
    A buyer's guide to G String Ukuleles
  •  Gibson
    A buyer's guide to vintage Gibson ukuleles and banjoleles.
  •  Harmony
    A guide to Harmony ukuleles.
  •  Hilo
    A buyer's guide to Hilo ukuleles.
  •  Johnson
    Johnson ukulele buyer's guide and review.
  •   Savannah
    A review of Savannah Ukuleles made by Johnson.
  •  Kala
    A buyer's guide to Kala ukuleles for sale on the net.
  •   KA-S
    Shop for the best deals on Kala KA-S ukuleles.
  •   Kala Archtop
    Buyer's guide to Kala Archtop Ukuleles.
  •  Kamaka
    A guide to Kamaka ukuleles.
  •   1920's & 1930's
    A look at the early period Kamaka ukuleles.
  •   Gold Label
    Guide to buying Gold Label Kamaka Ukuleles on the net.
  •  Kanile'a
    A guide to Kanile'a ukuleles and their history.
  •  Kau'wela
    A review of Kau'wela ukuleles.
  •  Kelii
    Search for Kelii ukuleles including the Koa Pili Koko.
  •   Koa Pili Koko
    Buyer's guide to Koa Pili Koko Ukuleles.
  •  Kiwaya
    Resource for finding Kiwaya Martin ukulele copies.
  •   K-Wave Rock Uke
    Buyer's guide to Kiwaya K-Wave Rock Uke made in the style of guitars such as the Fender Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul.
  •  Ko'olau
    A guide to Ko'olau ukuleles.
  •  KoAloha
    Buyer's guide to KoAloha ukuleles.
  •   KoAlana
    A buyer's guide to KoAlana ukuleles by KoAloha.
  •  Lanikai
    A buyer's guide to Lanikai ukuleles.
  •   Concert
    A buyer's guide to Lanikai concert ukuleles.
  •   Kohala
    A guide to Lanikai's Kohala ukuleles.
  •   LU-21 Series
    A guide to Lanikai's LU-21 Ukuleles.
  •   Tenor
    A guide to Lanikai tenor ukuleles.
  •  Lehua
    A guide to Lehua ukuleles.
  •  Leolani
    A guide to buying Leolani ukuleles.
  •  Luthiers
    A look at ukulele luthiers.
  •   Black Bear
    Find ukulele instruments by Duane Heilman of Black Bear Ukuleles.
  •   Candelas
    A guide to Candelas ukuleles.
  •   Chantus
    A guide to Chantus Music ukuleles made by William King.
  •   Compass Rose
    Review of Compass Rose Ukueles
  •   Jupiter Creek
    A look at Jupiter Creek ukuleles.
  •   Lieberman/Maui Music
    A buyer's guide to Peter Lieberman ukuleles.
  •   Nice
    A look at Nice Ukuleles made by Ed Bacani.
  •   Pete Howlett
    Review of Pete Howlett ukuleles.
  •   Sonny D
    A guide to the history and present of Sonny D ukuleles.
  •   SpruceHouse
    Buyer's guide to SpruceHouse Ukuleles.
  •   WaverlyStreet
    Review of Waverly Street Ukuleles.
  •  Lyon and Healy
    Buyer's guide to Lyon and Healy ukuleles.
  •  Maccaferri
    A buyer's guide to the plastic Maccaferri ukuleles.
  •  Mahalo
    Shop for Mahalo ukuleles - the best budget ukuleles around.
  •  Makala
    A buyer's guide to Makala ukuleles. Including video and the best deals on Makalas.
  •  Martin
    Resource for finding Martin ukuleles.
  •   Style 0
    Guide to buying and identifying Martin Style 0 ukuleles.
  •   Style 1
    Guide to identifying and buying Martin Style 1 and Style 1K ukuleles.
  •   Style 2
    A guide to buying and identifying Style 2 and Style 2K Martin ukuleles.
  •   Style 3
    A guide to recognising and shopping for Style 3 and Style 3K Martin ukuleles.
  •   Style 5k
    Guide to identifying and buying Martin 5K ukuleles.
  •   Tenor
    A buyer's guide to tenor size Martin ukuleles.
  •   S-O
    A guide to Martin S-O ukuleles.
  •   Taropatch
    A buyer's guide to Martin taropatch ukuleles and other Martin ukuleles.
  •   Oliver Ditson
    Buyer's guide to Oliver Ditson ukuleles
  •   Tiple
    Buyer's guide to Martin Tiples
  •  Mele
    Buyer's guide to Mele ukuleles.
  •  Miscellaneous Ukuleles
    A collection of obscure brands of ukulele.
  •   Ashbury
    Buyer's guide to Ashbury ukuleles.
  •   Ashton Ukuleles
    A review of Ashton ukuleles.
  •   Avalon
    Buyer's guide to Avalon ukuleles produced by Stadlmair.
  •   Cole Clark
    Cole Clark ukuleles.
  •   Hawaiian Ukulele Company
    Review of the Hawaiian Ukulele Company's Original Uke
  •   Lawson
    Review of Lawson Ukuleles.
  •   Lazy
    Review of Lazy Ukuleles.
  •   Makai
    A buyer's guide to Makai ukuleles.
  •   Stagg
    Review of Stagg ukuleles.
  •   Universal Worldwide Trading
    Review of Universal Worldwide Trading ukulele.
  •   Vinyard
    A guide to Vineyard Ukuleles.
  •  Mitchell
    A buyer's guide to Mitchell ukuleles.
  •  Morelli/Santini
    A buyer's guide to Morelli ukuleles.
  •  National
    Buyer's guide to vintage National ukuleles, including reso-phonic ukes.
  •  Ohana
    Ukulele Hunt's buyer's guide to Ohana Ukuleles.
  •  Oscar Schmidt
    Shop for Oscar Schmidt ukuleles.
  •   Tenor
    A guide to Oscar Schmidt tenor ukuleles.
  •  Pahu Kani
    A guide to Pahu Kani ukuleles.
  •  Pono
    Buyer's guide to Ko'olau's Pono ukuleles.
  •  Samick/Greg Bennett
    A guide to Samick Ukuleles made by Greg Bennett.
  •  Swagerty
    Buyer's guide to Swagerty ukuleles - the most distinctive ukuleles ever produced.
  •  Tangi
    A guide to Tangi ukuleles.
  •  Vintage Hawaiian Ukuleles
    A guide to vintage Hawaiian ukulele brands such as Kumalae, Diaz and Nunes.
  • Accessories
    A buyer's guide to ukulele accessories such as tuners, pickups, felt picks and many more.
  •  Capos
    A guide to buying a capo for your ukulele.
  •  External Pickups
    A buyer's guide to amplifying your ukulele with an external pickup.
  •  Felt Picks
    A ukulele players guide to felt picks.
  •  Hangers
    Guide to buying ukulele hangers.
  •  Humidifiers
    A buyer's guide ukulele humidifiers.
  •  Pitch Pipes
    Find ukulele pitch pipes.
  •  Stands
    Find ukulele stands for sale on the net.
  •  Straps
    Find ukulele straps online.
  •  Ukulele Tuners
    A guide to buying tuners for your ukulele.
  • Strings
    A guide to buying ukulele strings for all sizes and types of ukulele.
  •  Soprano Strings
    A wide selection of strings made for soprano ukuleles.
  •  Concert Strings
    A guide to buying strings for concert sized ukuleles.
  •  Tenor
    Find tenor ukulele strings for sale online.
  •  Baritone
    A guide to buying baritone ukulele strings.
  •  Aquila
    A buyer's guide to Aquila ukulele strings.
  •  Worth Strings
    Find the right Worth ukulele strings for you.
  •  Banjo Ukulele
    Find banjo ukulele strings for sale on the net.
  •  Low G Strings
    Find low-G ukulele strings for sale online.
  •  Samplers
    A buyer's guide to ukulele strings brought to you by Ukulele Hunt.
  • Banjo Ukuleles
    Find banjo ukuleles for sale on the internet.
  •  Abbott
    Buyer's guide to Abbott Monarch ukuleles made famous by George Formby.
  •  Slingerland
    Buyer's guide to Slingerland banjo ukuleles.
  • Electric Ukuleles
    Buyers guide to the electric ukuleles available on the net.
  • Unusual Ukes
    Find unusual and distinctive ukuleles.
  •  Bell-Shaped
    A buyer's guide to bell-shaped ukuleles.
  •  Cigar Box Ukuleles
    A guide to cigar box ukuleles.
  •  Flying V Ukuleles
    Search for Flying V ukuleles on the net.
  •  Harp Ukuleles
    A look at the strange and unusual world of harp ukuleles.
  •  Left Handed
    A guide to finding the right ukulele for a left handed player.
  •  Plastic Ukuleles
    A guide to plastic ukuleles including Maccaferri's Islander and the Emenee Flamingo ukulele.
  •  Tahitian Ukuleles
    Buyer's guide to Tahitian ukuleles.
  • Learning Ukulele
    A guide to ukulele books, DVDs and other materials to help you learn to play the ukulele.
  •  Books
    A selection of ukulele books to help you learn and improve your playing.
  •  DVDs
    Buyer's guide to ukulele DVDs.
  • Other Instruments
    A look at musical instruments in the ukulele family.
  •  Ashbory Bass
    A guide to buying Ashbory Bass guitars and strings
  •  Cavaquinho
    A quick guide to the cavaquinho and where to find one online.
  •  Charango
    A guide to buying a charango: the South American Super Ukulele.
  •  Guitarlele
    A buyer's guide to guitarleles.
  •  Kazoo
    Find out why ukulele and kazoo is the perfect combination.
  •  Ukelin
    A guide to Ukelins.
  • Kids' Ukuleles
    Kids' Ukuleles and Guitars: Helping you find the perfect instrument to introduce your child to music.
  •  Hello Kitty Ukulele
    Find Hello Kitty ukuleles for sale on the net.
  •  SpongeBob SquarePants Ukulele
    Find SpongeBob SquarePants ukuleles for sale on the net.
  •  Toy Ukulele
    Shop for toy ukuleles for kids.
  • Ukulele Kits
    Find ukulele building kits for sale online.
  • Ukuleliana
    Find ukulele collectibles such as photos, dolls and figurines for sale online.
  •  Antoniotsai
    Are Antoniotsai ukuleles too good to be true?
  •  Pictures
    Pictures and photographs of ukuleles and ukulele players currently for sale on the net.
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