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Ukulele Accessories

Once you've got a ukulele, there are plenty of other things for you to spend you money on. Nothing in this section is essential, but they will make your life easier.

Ukulele Capo - It's like having an extra finger.
External Pickups - The easy way to electrify your ukulele.
Felt Picks - Produce a more pleasant sound than plastic, guitar picks produce.
Ukulele Hangers - When your ukulele collection is bigger than your floor space.
Humidifiers - Prevent cracks in your ukulele.
Pitch Pipes - Stay in tune, old school style.
Ukulele Stands - Make sure you can grab quickly.
Ukulele Straps - Stop those embarrassing fumbles.
Ukulele Tuners - The easiest way to stay in tune.

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