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Cigar Box Ukuleles

Cigar box ukuleles may seem like a cobble together, homemade affair, but they have a venerable history and an expensive present.

Samual Kamaka made some high quality cigar box ukuleles. MGM currently has one for sale in his store. There have even been rumors that Leonardo Nunes's first uke was a cigar box uke (although John King said it was unlikely and I bow to his vastly superior knowledge).

The tradition of high quality cigar box ukuleles continues today, particularly with Black Bear Ukuleles who regularly turn out unusual and interesting cigar box ukes.

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How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele

If you're looking to build a cigar box ukulele, there are a few guides knocking around on the net. There's a guide here (pdf) courtesy of Cigar Box Guitars who also have videos and other resources useful to anyone building a cigar box uke. There's also a more academic article here (pdf).

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