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Harmony Ukuleles

Harmony were one of the many guitar makers to jump on the ukulele bandwagon when they first became popular. Their ukes weren't as well made as Martins or Gibsons, but they were very popular, particularly after they hooked up with Roy Smeck. They also made many ukuleles that were sold under other names. According to Jim Beloff's book The Ukulele, Harmony were making three quarters of all the US ukuleles in the 1960s.

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Roy Smeck Harmony Ukulele Review

My uke is a 50's Roy Smeck signature made by Harmony. It has a wood body but a plastic fret board. I got it at a Flea Market about 20 years ago when I was planning to drive across America & wanted something smaller & easier to use then a guitar. I didn't get use to the higher sound & never did take that trip. It sat on the dresser for many years. Then I began to work in a music store. The repair guy's hobby was making cigarbox ukes. Too bad he was a grouchy sod & was uninteresting in helping a newbie along. Still I found a chord book & slowly got used to the Soprano voicing. When I learned of a lower g-string I thought that might make a difference & began to hunt for one. I was mislead into thinking they were a specialty item that needed to be ordered from Japan. Later at another store, Blue Fish Music in Plymouth Michigan, I learned that I could take the nylon G string from a classical guitar & cut it in half & use that & it would be the same. Sadly the change was not dramatic & hardly noticeable. I like the Uke & appreciate how for an old cheap instrument it plays well.
Review by Jerry Partovich
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