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Lehua Ukuleles

The early Lehua ukuleles were made in Mexico, but more recently they have switched their production to Portugal. Their ukuleles are made Australian Blackwood (part of the same family of Acacia wood as koa). The Lahua ukuleles have an uncanny resemblance to Cordoba ukuleles (which are also made in Portugal). I think it's a fairly safe bet they're from the same supplier.

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Jason of the UkeWarehouse demonstrates the long neck Lehua.

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Lehua Tenor Ukulele Review

This is what they say on their website;

“The tenor ukulele is the largest instrument in our line. It has the brightest and strongest sound. The Classic model is bound with real wood and has multiple black-white-black wood purflings on the top and sides. This model can also be supplied with a low G string upon request.”

When I first unpacked this uke, I was immediately taken back with the wood, mine is built from Acacia Blackwood, an Australian native tree. The feel of it is amazing, there is a warmth in the wood that I have never experienced when feeling up ukes (and yes, I did say ‘feeling up’). The tone is something I don’t know much about, being one that has never had any formal musical training and playing instruments for less than four years. However, everyone that has a play on it really enjoys it. Currently I have it strung up with Hilo high G strings, they are on their way out so I will probably change them to Aquila strings in the coming months.

Since then, the uke has its place firmly entrenched in a stand next to the lounge and gets picked up and played every day, usually during the adverts whilst watching TV. Trudging through lessons and finger excercises I know that eventually I will get to the point where I can keep up with my girlfriends family (all very talented musicians) when they all jam together.

My first experience playing this uke in public was at a local ukulele club here in Australia. I played a tab that you and Brian Hefferan developed for the Sailor’s Hornpipe (I grew up watching Popeye cartoons, so I had to do it!) it was my first solo performance (aside from accompanying some freak on ice playing ‘cows with guns’), and it went off very well.

Either way, I’m not too good of a storyteller and my PhD thesis isn’t going to write itself so I will end this. If this does happen to make it in your top three please feel free to edit the fuck out of this! I truly appreciate all of your efforts in creating chord sheets, tabs and stories, you are a true testament to the versatility of this little instrument and I wish you more of the great success you have achieved in your endeavours. If it wasn’t for your and the efforts of the Ukulele Underground contributors I would have long ago dismissed the uke as an instrument that would never sound right playing modern songs, or of alternative genres.

Girlfriends are awesome! Especially when they give you instruments like these for Christmas!

Review by Albert Munoz
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