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Gold Label Kamaka Ukuleles

Kamaka are the only major Hawaiian ukulele company to have survived the 40s. The pre-war Kamakas are much sought after and very expensive. Those made in the 50s and 60's, on the other hand, are relatively cheap.

These ukuleles are known as 'Gold Label Kamakas'. They are, I think, a good investment considering the respect and increasing fame of Kamaka (thanks in no small part to Jake Shimabukuro) and the increasing value of vintage ukuleles.
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I sang on the Matsonia between California and Oahu. When I left the band gave me an ukulele - signed by the band. It was stuffed in my closet until a few years ago - when, after multiple trips to the islands - my daughter said she thought I had an uke. Dusting off the "canvas" bag - I discovered a Gold label Kamaka (circa 1950's). It had a few "surface"cracks on it's back, and I was afraid to play it. On a visit to Oahu, we visited the Kamaka factory, they repaired it and it still sounds like a million bucks - plus the memories are priceless. Worth every penny - oh wait, every memory.

Review by Julia
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