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Lanikai Concert Ukuleles

Lanikai ukuleles are one of the most popular ukuleles around for beginners, and quite rightly so. They are well made, reliable, and pleasant sounding instruments and a definite step above the cheap ukuleles out there.

The concert size of ukulele is my particular favorite. It offers the traditional ukulele sound that a soprano has with that little bit of extra finger room on the fretboard.

These two factors combine to make Lanikai Concert ukuleles on of the most popular ukes around.

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Lanikai Concert Range

Lanikai have a number of different ranges in their catalog which means there is plenty of choice just within the Lanikai concert ukuleles.

At the cheap/beginner end of the spectrum there is the Lanikai LU-21C. This range of ukuleles is one of the most popular around for beginner ukulele players. They offer excellent value for money and make a great uke for anyone who is dipping their toes in the ukulele waters and testing out how it suits them.

Further up the range, you get concert ukuleles like the Lanikia concert CKC. These ukuleles are made of koa. However, it is not solid koa but laminated (a thin layer of koa over a cheaper wood). The sound may not be affect a great deal, but they do look great.

In a similar price range is the Lanikai LFM-C. This is similar to the CKC but with flamed maple wood rather than koa.

Lanikai do also make some solid wood concert ukuleles such as their cedar top ukuleles.
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