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Kohala Ukuleles

Kohala ukuleles are the budget range of ukes from Lanikai. They're very cheap ukuleles (you can usually pick them up for less than $30). For that price, you can't expect too much. I've read some people saying that their Kohala ukuleles have problems. Them most regular complaint is that the intonation is off.

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Lanikai Kohala Standard Ukulele Nato Fretboard

Lanikai Kohala Standard Ukulele Nato Fretboard

Nato wood top, back, sides, and fretboard. 12 frets, geared tuners, and bound body. Price: $29.00

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Kohala Ukulele Review

I bought my first Ukulele it is a kohala soprano for my b-day a couple of days ago it isn't any fancy one it cost $44 but it is mine and I love the way it sounds and it is easy to play i have also have never played the ukulele or guitar and i can play White Sandy Beach and Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the beginning of sweet child of mine but i love the ukulele when i save more money i want another one just to have one i would love to get better but how I'm learning is off of youtube but that is my ukulele the soprano kohala.

Review by Ryan.
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