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Ashbury Ukuleles

Ashbury are a UK firm who sell a wide range of instruments including a range of ukuleles. Their ukuleles are fairly inexpensive (but not the very cheapest) and very similar to other ukuleles out there (such as Oscar Schmidt). The range includes a resonator ukulele very similar to the Johnson resonator.

I have an Ashbury Koa Concert ukulele and it's my favourite day to day ukulele and I play it far more than my other ukuleles. It's very easy to play, the action is low and the fretboard smooth. It was my first 'proper' ukulele and I don't think I could have made a better choice for a starter uke.

It should be pointed out that the koa wood is just a laminate - it's not solid koa wood - and you wouldn't expect it to be at this price.

Find Ashbury ukuleles on eBay UK.

On Video

Me playing my Ashbury Koa Concert Ukulele.
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