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Lazy Ukuleles

Lazy ukuleles, like Ashton ukuleles and Mahalo ukuleles, are another colourful and cheap ukulele mainly sold in the UK.

Lazy Ukulele Review

Okay, i'm going to be reviewing the first ukulele I purchased.

I bought it almost a year ago from a local music shop for about £25, as I had been wanting to buy one for a while, and the shop only sold this brand and model of ukulele. From the sticker on the inside, it would appear to be a soprano "Lazy Ukulele". Having not seen any others from the same manufacturer, I would assume this is simply a cheap-to-make beginner's ukulele.

Despite the small price and unrecognised brand name, it is actually a pretty good uke. Nothing to consider buying if you have others of course, but good for those wondering whether the ukulele would be a suitable instrument for them to play. It actually holds a tune really well, as I have to tune this a lot less than my other, slightly more expensive uke.

The only change I have really made to it since originally purchasing it was to change the strings to some others I ordered from the internet, which weren't exactly expensive, and gave it a much nicer tone.

The uke has travelled with me on various occasions, both around the country and overseas, and has served me well in a few performing arts projects at school.

I would recommend this particular ukulele to anybody who would like to experiment with playing the ukulele, as it offers a lot in respect to it's small price.

I reckon it will continue to perform well for me (and anybody else who purchases one) until I can buy a more expensive ukulele.

Review by Jack

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