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Tangled Up in Blue – Bob Dylan

Tangled Up in Blue This is my arrangement of the Bob Dylan classic, Tangled Up in Blue, from his acclaimed Blood on the Tracks album. I mostly just followed the original arrangement for the version found on the album, but eliminated the E chords (substituting A in one instance) to make it easier to play […]

Going to Resistencia

I found this nice song from the Latin American docta southern world… the Argies seems be around in the 70s blossom, this vamped version of Scott Mckenzie song propose the same spirit, yet inspired on the Resistance City, although with floods and crafts instead flowers on the way to the “Sculptured City”… Going to Resistencia… […]

Give a Little Love – Paul Williams

Saw this on the telly the other day… Though, that song is familar! After Hummming it for a full day, i finally placed it YAY!! Bugsy Malone- i must have watched that film a million times as a kid 😀 Give a Little Love – Paul Williams Ive stuck this together based on […]

Blackberry Blossom

There is not very much bluegrass ukulele music out there, so here is my arrangement of Blackberry Blossom. I have arranged it conventional music and also ukulele tab. It is not for the absolute beginner, but it lies well under the fingers. Try it out. Blackberry Blossom I have recorded a very rough version of […]