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Dont Stop Me Now – Queen

If you live in the UK you may have come across a series of adverts for Cadburys Chocolate. The first advert featured a gorillia playing the drums to a Phil Collins track, and the latest one is equally unrelated to choccy… WTF!! I love this advert, it makes me squeal with joy like a […]

Heart of Life – John Mayer

An old friend of mine turned me on to John Mayer after taking me to a concert. This here be a good song…yar Heart of Life Should be easy enough to play…Oh, and I changed one of the chords because it had a changed root note on guitar so I just changed it to a […]

Anyone else but you – Moldy Peaches/Michael Cera & Ellen Page

Another one off the juno soundtrack thats been sitting on my HD for months. I would have posted it ages ago, but a baby came along and stole all my spare time We could argue as to whether this is played with a ‘G’ & ‘C’, or whether its a ‘G’ & ‘Cmaj7’. Or whether […]