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Silent Night

Silent Night (Tab) Tabbed by Franklin Villanueva

Word Up – Cameo

Everyone knows this one – its a classic Word Up – Cameo It also works well if you play it in a ‘German Country-Coverband’ Stylee Get your funk on here (thanks to Al for the help) enjoy zym

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

I first saw this song on Jools Holland a few years ago and thought, I want to learn that! The song is generally quite simple with 4 chords in the main riff and the rest is pretty easy. A D C and a chord i’m not quite sure of, an altered D chord shape on […]

Hail to the Chief

ready for the Election.. A—-0-2-3-2-0—0———-3-5-7-5-3-5-3-5-7-5-3-2-0 E——————-0——————————– C———————2-0—————————- G–0———–0–0——-0————————– enjoy zym

Slayer – Raining Blood (Complete)

Slayer – Raining Blood (Tab) Submitted by CarlVictor

Just as long as me – Jonathan Coulton

Heres a simple Jonathan Coulton song for you all. Its just G, C & D – yay! Just as long as me – Jonathan Coulton Its hard to explain on the chordsheet, but basically the intro & and vamp is 1 bar of G, 1/2 bar of C, 1/2 bar of G, 1/2 bar of […]

The White Stripes – Offend In Every Way

I was listening to the White Stripes the other day and thought this song, particularly the picking part, would work really well on the uke and so I went away and tabbed it out. And you know what? It does indeed work really well on the uke! It’s a simple little melody, but very effective […]

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Pretty simple this one, I reckon it sounds best played with the evil rhino’s toe nail.  Riff 1 is played through most of the song and riff 2 is only played occasionally just for one bar. Enjoy! Joy Division – She’s Lost Control (pdf)

Moloka`i Waltz -Matthew Kane

Here is a fairly easy arrangement of a traditional Hawaiian song for your enjoyment. The song celebrates the magical island of Moloka`i and it’s delightful people. Until very recently we held the Aloha Music Camp at Kaupoa Beach on Moloka`i- a truly wonderful place. You can find more TAB at my Here’s the TAB: […]

Pure Imagination

pure-imagination From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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