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Tiger Rag by Roy Smeck

I’ve just posted on my website a Tablature of  “Tiger Rag” inspired by the Recording of the Roy Smeck Version in the album “Roy Smeck And His Magic Uke”. The tablature in pdf format. And the video on YouTube. Enjoy ! David. PS: Buy Roy Smeck Plays Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar.

Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush

EDIT: I’ve uploaded a brief .mp3 with a bit of singing (very low in the mix and with reverb ladled over the top!) as a guide…cymbal rush Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush From the album “The Eraser” Here’s a bash at the main riff from this tune (think it’s played on a rhodes organ or […]

Corinne Bailey Rae (Editors) – Munich (Tab and Chords)

Corinne Bailey Rae’s cover of Munich by The Editors The intro riff an octave up: But playing it like this makes for a smoother move into the chords: Verse: Eb – Gm Chorus: Ab – Gm Requested by Mcnilly

Girls – Lust for Life (Chords)

In the original key: Girls – Lust for Life (Chords) Moved up a fret to make them more uke-friendly: Girls – Lust for Life (Chords) Requested by Stefanie.

The XX – Islands

EDIT: here’s a recording of some bits from this song that I did on my trusty 4 track (please excuse the tape hiss and warbly singing). So you can sort of get an idea of what I’m trying… excerpt from islands.mp3 Great album, for some reason I thought this one might be good to tackle […]

John Butler Trio – Funky Tonight (Tab)

Author/Artist: John Butler Trio Title: Funky Tonight Album: Grand National Transcribed by: ukto ( this is a basic tab of Funky Tonight for Ukelele, tuned GCEA It an ‘adaption’ of what JB plays for uke so it may not be ‘excatly’ as you hear it on the CD but it’s as close as I could […]

John Butler Trio – Zebra

Author/Artist: John Butler Trio Title: zebra for ukelele Album: Sunrise Over Sea Transcribed by: ukto ( Alright guys, this is a basic tab of Zebra for Ukelele, tuned Uke TUNING: GCEA, tabbed in the key of B chords, 4 beats per bar played in a reggae/rock skank syle beats played 1,2,3 and 4 B F# […]

Owls by Cocoon (Chords)

Owls by Cocoon (Chords) By: jer989 Strum pattern is pretty easy to get from listening to the song – I believe that it’s 6 strums for all but the last of both the verse and chorus chords – the last chords get 7 strums.  Also, on the last strum of the Aadd9 chord [2102] during […]

Laura Veirs – Spelunking

Tuning on this is tuned up one full step: aDF#B. If you use capos you can just put it on the second fret and play accordingly. Intro: C (8 cts), Dm (8cts), A (16 cts)         Am The tiny midnight caravan                   C Made its way across the black hills         Dm As I watched from a distance […]

Moana Chimes-slack key style

Here’s an arrangement of the steel guitar standard played in Hawaiian slack key style. Just tune your 1st string down a full step (A-G); sounds best with a low G string. There’s a cheezy midi file to hear how it sounds. Have fun! Moana Chimes (Tab) Moana Chimes (MIDI)

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