blacking out the friction–death cab for cutie v.2

Easy, uke-friendly chords to a great song by DCFC! Excellent for beginners.

Also a good key for alto and tenor voices.

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opening riff







C                                F
I don’t mind the weather
                 C                                         F
I’ve got scarves and caps and sweaters
                C                                  F                                   C             F
I’ve got long johns under slacks for blustery days.
C                             F
I think that it’s brainless
            C                                 F
To assume that making changes
                 C                                     F                            C                  F
To your window’s view will give a new perspective.
                Dm                         G          C               F
And the hardest part is yet to come

C                            F
I don’t mind restrictions
                       C                                 F
Or if you’re blacking out the friction
                C                              F                     C                      F
It’s just an escape that’s overrated anyways
         Dm                        G         C              F
The hardest part is yet to come
            Dm                                 G             C               F
When you will cross the country alone.

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