The King Blues – Duck and Cover

G    C x2

G                                                C

Where the hell did I leave those

G       C

Weapons of destruction

G                                                C                                                             G          C

Could have sworn that I left them around here somewhere

G                                             C

Did I leave them in the car

G                                               C

Did they fall down the back of the sofa

G                                           C                                                             G

Could have sworn that I left them around here somewhere

C    Cmaj7    Am

D                                    Am

I’d lose my head


If it weren’t screwed up

G    C x2

G                     C                                       G

I sure can’t wait for this to blow over

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  1. Ryan March 24th, 2010 7:28 pm

    brilliant :) thanks a bunch, any more king blues stuff would be much appreciated XD x

  2. willed1234 March 24th, 2010 11:16 pm

    Well I have been playing “We Ain’t Never Done” using the guitar chords. They seem to work pretty well just playing the exact same chords on the uke.

    There’s also the chords for “Out of Luck” on a guitar website but they have been taken directly from the actual uke chords so they work perfectly.

    And I think there is a version of my boulder on this website that’s really good as well!

    I’m not really sure what other King Blues stuff is about, but I hope this at least gets you started :)

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