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Game Of Thrones Theme

Had to go up a tone or two to fit the song on the neck. This is my first tab, so feel free to improve on this. The chord A minor sounds good on the first note of the first verse, and also on the last notes of the same verses. I was surprised when […]

Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box (Instrumental Tab)

Heart Shaped Box (Instrumental Tab) Submitted by voxdog. Buy the MP3

Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling – The Water (Chords)

Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling – The Water (Chords) Submitted by Rachel. Buy the MP3

Coldplay – Yellow (Instrumental Arrangement)

Coldplay – Yellow (Instrumental Tab) Submitted by voxdog. Buy the MP3

The Fruit Bats (Chords)

Submitted by Matt Hignite. Primative Man The Fruit Bats – Primitive Man You’re Too Weird The Fruit Bats – You’re too Weird Heart Like an Orange The Fruit Bats – Heart Like and Orange

Cake – Manha Manha (Tab)

Cake – Mahna Mahna Submitted by Matt Hignite.

Beatles – I feel fine

This guy has a bunch of nice uke covers on youtube but is obviously inundated with tab requests to which he wont oblige. I’ve made my best effort at this one for you Intro A|—10-10-8—-12-10-8-10-8—-|—8–8-6—10-8-6-8-6—| E|—7——-10————–10-|—5——8————8-| C|-7-7————————–|-5-5———————| G|—7————————–|—5———————| A|—3-3-1—3/5-3—3—–|—3-3-1—3/5-3—3—–| E|—0—–3——-6—6-3-|—0—–3——-6—6-3-| C|-0-0———————|-0-0———————| G|—0———————|—0———————| Verse    Baby’s good to me you know, she’s happy as can be […]

Here Comes the Sun – Solo Tab

Here Comes The Sun (Solo Tab) Solo arrangement by Voxdog. Buy the MP3.

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Solo Tab

Sweet Child O’Mine (Solo Tab) Solo arrangement by voxdog. Buy the MP3.

Mele Kalikimaka – Solo Tab

Mele Kalikimaka (Solo Tab) A solo arrangement by voxdog. Buy the MP3

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