Window Shopping eBay Ukuleles

Musicguymic boasts that the Kiwaya KTS-7 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, “has the tone and sound rivaling any Martin ukulele. In fact I think its sounds more like a Martin should than many vintage Martins do.” There’s no doubt it’s as good looking as the Martin Style 3.

ukulele side soundholeCustom uke with a soundhole on the side. I like the look of ukuleles without a frontal soundhole, but how do they sound?

A cavaquinho with a nicely carved head.cavaquinho

Ukulele Tone-Gard: The idea is that they keep the uke away from your body letting it ring out more clearly. They’re more common with mandolins (as their not entirely changed description makes clear).

Ukulele bracelet. How much?

Signed photo of Ukulele Ike. How much?

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