Friday Links

Ukulele Underground is up and running with monthly lessons and weekly ‘uke minutes’ from Aldrine Guerrero.

Tickler t-shirt ukulele tee Amy CrehoreJames Hill and J Chalmers Doane‘s Ukulele in the Classroom should be out any day now. UPDATE: It’s now up and running.

Amy Crehore will be selling Tickler T-shirts on her site from next week. There’ll also be a new art uke featuring, “mother-of-toilet seat fingerboard.” Please wash your hands.

Ukulala demonstrates Elephant Gun on video.

Listen to tracks from Victoria Vox’s forthcoming album Chameleon on her MySpace.

Ukulele cruise.

Ukelution T-shirt.

Martin 5K on Antiques Roadshow.

Ukulele bitch fight.

Ukulele Player Monkey Print.

Rachel Trachtenburg (of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) with uke.

Anna Pickard bemoans making herself a ukulele widow in The Guardian. The ukulele player in question, should you be wondering, is her fellow Gruniad journalist Bobbie Johnson.

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