Friday Ukulinklinks

A new chord site on me: Benefield has a wide variety of uke chords from The Clash to Reverend Gary Davis. And a new tab site: Nappr with a number of game themes for ukulele and more.

Two gorgeous videos of Rio en Medio on her baritone ukulele on

New website from Lanikai. Some cool stuff on the site including Jason Mraz with his Lanikai LU-21T and a couple of basic instruction booklets for download.

Cyndi Lauper on her ukulele: “Oh, I love that thing. I found a ukulele in Australia that has a metal top. It’s really loud and kind of fabulous.” (Thanks to Carol for spotting that one).

Ukulele mp3s: Tullycraft have a ukulele cover of one of their own songs, Under The Rotunda has The Acorns’ Brokered Heart, Good Soul Department has the Ice Cream Shout remix of Sound of Arrows’ Danger! and foggy ruins of time puts up Foreign Loren’s Seaside, We Collide.

On Uker Tabs: Anyone Else but You from Juno. And if you like the ukulele and the Juno soundtrack, you might want to give I Think I Love U by The Polaroid a listen.

Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas on u.ku.lele.

Ukulele nail care from Dr Trey.

Make a maraca for your ukulele.

Ukulele Brand Consultants. I do hope they’re a company specialising in consultancy for ukulele brands. I think I’d be good at that job. Unfortunately, they’re not hiring.

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