Kala Pineapple Competition Results

And the winner is *Trumpets Blaze*:

Bill Weigel for his review of the Ohana CK-50G Concert Ukulele.

It was a really tough decision. There were a load of great entires – I wanted at least six people to win the uke. I have to give special mention to Roberto Katigbak and Ken Middleton for their reviews.

I don’t think I can ever do another competition because I’m hopeless at deciding who wins – I can’t take the stress of all that responsibility. That’s why I’ve ended up with double the number of runners up that I’d intended.

Runners Up

Shelley Rickey, Mike Via, Todd Baio, David Massop, Ken Middleton, Jimmy McGee, Alan Brandt, Jimmy (dinoshaur), Garry Copeland, Cary Corse, Linda Wilson, Lonna Brockway, Emily Reeve, Martin Smith, Roberto Katigbak.

Additional Winners

There were a few videos that deserved a prize for bringing a huge grin to my face. Henceforth to be known as The Ventriclemouse Award for All Round Fantasticness in honour of Anne’s review of the Lanikai soprano LU-21P which is about the only work of poetry I’ve ever enjoyed. Even the comments are good (plus she got a comment from Jacob Borshard which makes me insanely jealous).

Jack33’s guide to getting a good sound out of a Mahalo
Paulina Sinaga’s Ohana review (the only person to work out that ‘Waa-waa-wee-waa’ was the instant ‘win a prize’ code word).
Michelle Flaherty’s news report.
Lee Robertson’s Fluke review.

If your name is here and you haven’t seen an email from me, let me know in the comments and I’ll get it to you.

A big thanks to Jason of ukulele for sale for providing the big prize. He’s still got a few ukes left in his closing down sale, so if you missed out on the Pineapple, you can still grab Kala Soprano or a Lanikai LU-21T.

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