eBay Window Shopping: Tiny Tim’s Beltona Ukulele

A rather gruesome piece of ukulele history up for sale this week: the Beltona ukulele Tiny Tim was playing when he had a heart attack. Complete with the dents that were made at time.

About a month late, but here’s a heart-shaped Valentine ukulele.

Keith Ogata gets more metal with each ukulele.

The new electric Oscar Schmidts obviously owe their design to Gibson guitars. The really interesting part is the sales copy: “Face it — there are thousands of smart, good looking guys just like you that will be at Spring Break. You need to be different to stand out. Since it now costs $75.00 to check a guitar on an airplane a uke might be the next best thing.”

Last week there was some discussion over the accuracy and legality of the new ClearwaterEleukes’. Clearwater are an official Eleuke OEM: so they are redesigned and rebranded Eleukes.

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