Double Neck Pono, Kalaka: Ukulele Window Shopping

This week’s ‘it’s so ridiculous I must have it’ is this Pono double neck ukulele (an eight string and a four string). Rather than being fully attached, they’re arranged as a Venn diagram of ukuleles.

It’s so rare to see a Kalaka ukulele that I – like Google – presume it’s a spelling mistake. As I understand it, Kalaka is the label slapped on by the importer. So I’m curious about who made them. The headstock and binding are very similar to the early Kamakas.

Whoever put together this turtle shell ukulele dohickey must have been inspired by the armadillo shell charangos. There’s some very fancy work on the back of that neck. Not sure I’d want to play it, though.

Ukulele kitsch: Hello Kitty cuddly toys.

Ukulele photo of the week: party girls.

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