Kala UBass, Pono ‘Ohai: Window Shopping

MGM has the new Kala UBass. It’s a collaboration between Kala and Road Toad to make a more affordable version of the RoadToad Bass ukulele.

I’m always a little suspicious when I see a ukulele made from wood with a very Hawaiian sounding name – it always seems like a marketing gimmick. Not being an expert on Hawaiian flora, I’ve been a little puzzled by Pono‘s ‘ohai ukulele. I thought they meant ‘ohia wood, Google thought I meant ‘ohia wood. But, no, Ko’olau say ‘ohai wood is completely different. So that’s my new thing learnt for the day. On another note, those ukuleles are very cheap for a Pono.

One wood I do know exists is maple. And it sure makes for a funky looking back of a ukulele.

I’m also familiar with the existence of coconuts. But I’m not sure I’d want a ukulele made out of one.

Ukulele photo of the week: Three Chicago men.

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