Cordoba, Kala Solid Electric: Ukulele Window Shopping

Cordoba‘s use of the term ‘Portuguese koa’ has long had me flummoxed. I noticed recently that they’ve stopped using the term and are now just using ‘koa’. So I contacted them to find out what up and this is what they said:

There has been a big debate over Koa throughout the entire industry over many years. In our efforts to free ourselves from the inquiries about our Koa used in the 25sk, 25ck, 25tk, and 25tk-ce we are marketing these ukuleles as just koa… Just to be clear, the models that are available today are still handmade in Portugal, but we would appreciate it if you would write about our ukuleles as koa ukuleles instead of using the terminology “Portuguese Koa”.

Make of that what you will.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the new Bugsgear EleUkes are being made by Kala. That’s the case in the UK at least. Looks like in the US the same ukulele is being branded as a Kala.

A not often seen Earnest Tululele (the one that looks like a Telecaster – as played by Eddie Vedder) on eBay UK.

MGM has a couple of KoAloha Sceptres for sale.

At first I thought Kamaka that someone had stuck tiki design on. But, no, they were actually sold that way.

This week Bosko’s selling Ohanas to raise cash for the Oz Safari.

Combining the themes of Australia, electric ukes and Tele-a-likes,

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