aNueNue Signature Ukuleles: Ukulele Window Shopping

There’s a long history of ukulele makers putting famous people’s names on a ukulele in the hope of bumping sales from the Roy Smeck with Harmony and Arthur Godfrey with Vega to Jake Shimabukuro with Kamaka and Joe Brown with Kala. Connecting all these people is the fact that they are, or were, famous. aNueNue have gone down a different route and created signature ukuleles for people who, I think it’s safe to say, can safely walk down the street without constant boob-signing requests: Manitoba Hal, Gerald Ross, Steven Sproat and, most recently, The Re-entrants.

It’s an interesting tactic. As much as I like the Re-entrants, I’m not too keen on having a ukulele with either of their names emblazoned on it. With aNueNue being a new brand, I think the aim of it may be to increase awareness of them by associating them with some players well respected in the uke world rather than selling these particular ukes.

All of which raises a few questions for you to answer in the comments: Do these signature models make you more likely to buy an aNueNue? Who should aNueNue sign up? And, should aNueNue come a-knocking, what would your signature ukulele look like?

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