aNueNue 1879, Fretboard Decoration: Ukulele Window Shopping

I don’t mind a bit of decorative filigree on a uke, but I’m not so keen on decorated fretboards. If I’m looking at the fretboard I’m down to my business socks because it’s business time. I even find the swirls a bit distracting. So I’ll be staying away from the kabuki craziness on this M’s Craft and the Ohana CK-65D Milka Triolade fretboard. And if you’re planning to resell your ukulele don’t write your name across the fretboard.

I love the look of the aNueNue 1879. They’ve taken a design from a 1879 ukulele and remade it.

At last, a girl who looks as angry as I do whilst holding a uke. We should get together and make furious babies.

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