2011 Festivals, Bushman 2010: Friday Links

The 2011 uke festival lineup is starting to take shape. The London Uke Fest is moving from a one-day, act-focussed event to a three day, strumalong and campout. And are changing the name to the London UkeyLove Festival. The organisers are looking for your feedback (they lost me at camping). A new festival on the scene is Le Fiul which aims to be a UWC (but with more pleasant views).

I had a bit of a moan when get-tuned switched to a very confusing layout. So it’s good to see a new, much better presented ukulele tuner (and a nicely written explanation of tuning too).

Bushman 2010 is under way.

You know your marriage is in trouble when your husband buys a ukulele. But you can always swap him for ukulele of your own.

New York Times have an excellent photo of the UOGB in action (and a review).

I think this might be a new record: three songs in a row inaccurately identified as containing a ukulele. And then there’s this comment: “It’s really a simple instrument. It only took me a couple months to fully learn it.”

I’m very pleased to see some Moondog tab on Uker Tabs.

MP3s: Galapaghost has his new EP available for free,free track from Craig Robertson’s new one, Paul Smith (off of Maximo Park) has a uke track on his new solo album.

Videos of interest: “Can I see yours? This is mine. Yours in much better than mine. My goodness.” (Thanks to Lorraine), Charlotte Church and her new bloke uke it up, how to woodshed on a ukulele (she’s breaking rule one: no smiling).

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