6 Day Riot, Whistlin’ Wolves: UkeTube

Some videos I watch and my critical faculties are screaming out that I shouldn’t feature a video but they make me giggle so hard I can’t resist (henceforth to be known as ‘oh, I wanna suck ’em and put ’em in my mouth’ songs). Two such videos this week.

At the more acceptable end this week are 6 Day Riot (I am expertly informed those aren’t vampires in the video, just goths – it’s so hard to tell these days), Howlin’ Hobbit (pick up the chords to his song on his blog), an excellent uke group arrangement of 7 Nation Army and a kid even I think is frickin’ adorable.

6 Day Riot – Take Me

Magdalen Fossum – Hobo’s Lullaby

Thanks to Humble Uker

COVEYWOOD – Si Bheag, Si Mhor

The Whistlin’ Wolves – Diddy Wah Diddy

Thanks to Rob NY.

Howlin’ Hobbit – Too Soon Old

Ukulele Boudoir Team – Seven Nation Army

azurams – The Lonely Waltz

Mr. Lee’s Defense Squad – Rap Medley

Gristlestick – High heels

Givers – Meantime

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