Breedlove: Ukulele Window Shopping

Ukulele I’d buy if money were no object: Breedlove Soprano Prototype. Ukulele I’m a bit tempted by and is within my budget: Ohana TK35G-5 5 string. I love my Ohana TK-35G and the prospect of a uke that has both low and high-G strings is intriguing.

The number of heavily decorated ukuleles just keeps going up: Kapono soprano, leafy Blueberry, floral Blueberry. As well as the odd shapes: Electric Concert Ukulele C17

Kala’s slimline travel ukuleles have been a huge hit. So not a surprise to see a bit of horning-in: Mele Slimline.

Photos: Black man playing a ukulele, Child in rocking chair with a pipe and ukulele, Evil forest sirens play the ukulele.

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