Mighty Uke European tour: Friday Links

Ukulele documentary, The Mighty Uke is going to be touring Europe with James Hill appearing at the UK dates.

New releases: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra have a new EP out, Givers’ In Light is finally out in the UK, Shelley O’Brien’s Vivarium.

Videos: Is this a solid electric ukulele in the 50s? (Via Alex), Lorraine Bow tours the Kainle’a factory, Amanda Palmer occupies Boston with a new ukulele song, Gerald Ross has a lesson on how to make your ukulele swing.

Folding ukulele.

Learning to fly is easier than learning to play the ukulele?

Frank Skinner’s Formby documentary is going to be on BBC4 on October 27th.

Kickstarting: Michelle Blades.

Pictures: Wonder Woman at the festival, Quo ukulele, do not click this link unless you are ready to be grossed out (via Shelley), Cosby, Matsuda ukulele deconstructed, all new ukes are machine guns.

No uke action but the Watkins Family Hour Podcast is delightful and features Kate Micucci and Sara Watkins.

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