Songbooks for Ukulele Clubs: Friday Links

A bumper collection of ukulele songbooks for ukulele clubs. If you’re looking for something topical, Hull Ukulele Group has two Halloween/Guy Fawkes themes songbooks.

The Martin Tiple blog is turning up some fantastic vintage pictures and clips. Well worth following.

Heart Strings – it’s being made into an animated film and she’s looking for ukulelists to reference for it.

Frank Skinner’s Formby documentary on iPlayer. It’s a good watch – even if I disagree that George doesn’t get the credit he deserves – and there a few familiar faces along the way including Steven Sproat, Andy Eastman and Lorraine Bow (who has a new round of ukulele lessons coming up if you’ve been inspired).

Videos: ‘Ukulele’ must be some sort of sex-pun in Thai. What’s playing on the Uke Box?, Adam Sandler’s Mixed Nuts. I’m reconsidering putting up lists of the most watched ukulele videos each month, this month’s were pretty unwatchable.

London’s highly popular ukulele jam night Ukulele Wednesdays is heading up north. If you’re in the Manchester area in December and are up for a free jam sign up to the Ukulele Wednesdays – Manchester Facebook.

New Releases: Lil Rev’s The Happiest Way to Be Sad, A Very She & Him Christmas, The Crazed Mugs’ Find Forbidden Island, Craig Robertson is rereleasing the ukulele classic Practical Hypnotism, Ukeristic Congress

Kickstarting: The Vespers (if you’re reading this on Friday you can watch them play live at a very precise 8:57pm CST).

Setting up a home recording studio on the cheap.

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