Name the Ukulelist Quiz

Can you guess these ten ukulele players/acts from the clues given? Once you have your guesses, check your answers here. Then leave your score in the comments along with your darns, waahooooos and ‘how the hell was I supposed to guess that?’s.

If you hover over the photos you might get an extra clue.


JAimingHill and zebras


Israel National Flag IMG_5585 vevo Ole Flamenco


INDIANA 1986 ---MOTORCYCLE PLATE #73846 grid Prince Michael Jackson,TRIBUTE TO BAMBI 2011


Mystery Dent Brian May at Freddie Mercury's 60th


Tuning Up The 20 Yard Line


147 - Old Wellies - Rubberboots - Laarzen - Gummistiefel Whole Earth centred on Pacific Ocean - Satellite image - PlanetObserver ukulele Orchestra


small toad Tim Tebow


My elvis presley Portrait Painting Window dressing hello!!


Tailor - Peninsula Hotel Swifts


Zoe Saldana in Colombiana
the little guy's special day Chanel

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