Dad’s Army Theme (Tab)

Dad’s Army Theme (Tab)

I’m hoping the silver lining to the cloud of shitty comedy in the UK will be plenty more memorable theme tunes. Most shows seem to take themselves far too seriously to have a theme tune capable of being hummed or played on the ukulele.

But you couldn’t accuse the Dad’s Army theme of taking itself too seriously. It’s a pastiche of the already self-mocking music hall wartime song. The even recruited WWII crooner Bud Flanagan of Flanagan and Allan. Although I would say the cover by Billy Childish is the superior version.

My version is a mish-mash of strumming and picking. The simplest way to play it is to set up your right hand the one-finger-per-string way with:

Thumb – g
Index – C
Middle – E
Ring – A

Once you’re confident doing that you can throw in strums where you see fit.


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