Ukulele Records of the Year 2013

2013 is coming to an end. And it’s been another golden year for ukulele music. Here’s a rundown – in no particular order – of my favourite uke albums and EPs of year. Leave yours in the comments.

If you use Spotify you can listen to my Ukulele 2013 playlist with a much bigger selection of the year’s ukulele music. If you’re not a Spotifier here’s a list of the songs on it.

The Flamin’ Mamies – The Flamin’ Mamies

Who: Liverpool’s own toe tappin’ deco dames.

What: Rollocking 20s tunes.

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Me & Amelia – Me & Amelia

Who: Brother and sister duo Zeke and Amelia.

What: Simon and Garfunkel for today’s swinging teens.

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Ninebarrow – Kingdom EP

Who: British folk duo.

What: Pastoral and historical songs with beautiful harmonies back with perfect uke picking.

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Keston Cobblers’ Club – A Scene of Plenty EP

Who: Instrument swapping Kentish five-some.

What: More of the ever popular tuba and ukulele combination on this selection of oom-pah folk pop.

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Leftover Cuties – The Spark & the Fire

Who: Jazzy L.A. noir-poppers.

What: Second long-player with a bigger sound and sharper tunes.

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Peter Delaney – Witch Bottle

Who: Limerick singer/songwriter.

What: Melancholic folk songs with Hawaiian influence.

Witch Bottle – Peter Delaney

Cammy Enaharo

Who: New York singer/songwriter/baritoner.

What: Stripped down album of heartfelt songs.

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