The Cranberries – Linger (Chords)

The Cranberries – Linger (Chords)

It seems like every year I return from the Christmas break I have to start the new year with a tribute post to a lost music icon. This year there have been two: Mark E Smith and Dolores O’Riordan. I’ve already done a bunch of Fall tabs and can recommend listening to the Peel Session version of Who Makes the Nazis? on a ukulele (ramshackle even by Fall standards). So today is one of The Cranberries’ big hits.

Suggested Strumming

You can use this strum twice for every chord all the way through:

d u d u d – d u
– u – u d – d u

Which sounds like this:


Twiddly Bits

The intro to Linger is decidedly strange. The initial riff is at a very different tempo to the rest of the song. So when the song proper fades the two seem completely unrelated. I’d recommend ditching the very start if you’re covering it.

But if you do want to include it, this is how I play it.


The string riff that first crops up in the intro works nicely on the uke. Here’s how it fits in with the strumming pattern:


Later in the song that riff is extended a little. Here’s my take on that extended riff.

Extended Riff


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