Friday Links: Easy Chords and Challenging Licks

Live ‘Ukulele has a collection of “80 easy ‘ukulele songs for beginners with 3 or 4 chords”.

Vinícius Vivas has started a series of finger-twisting licks in his Toca aí! series that you can see demonstrated on his Instagram.

Lil Rev is doing a series of free online ukulele classes on Mead Public Library’s Facebook. You can watch the first class here.

Taimane played NPR’s Tiny Desk.

A nurse gives some corona advise with her ukulele.

Boxer, Joe Louis playing ukulele in 1937.


A combination of Patreon support and global lockdown has lit a fire under me to work on tabs recently. So next week I’m planning a bonus week of tabs requested by Patrons. So a big thanks to all the backers. Particular thanks go to March’s Tenor backers:

– Douglas.
– Denise Ghalebi.
– Joseph Freeman.
– Nancy.
– Pauline Leblanc.
– Trevor Mccravy.

Patreon posts in the last month include:

Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.
Kanye West’s All of the Lights (Interlude)/Violent Crimes.
The Fantasy theme from One Night Ultimate Werewolf.
Lizzo’s Truth Hurts.
– And March’s exclusive for Concert level and up backers: Prince’s Purple Rain.

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