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UkeTube: Andy Eastwood, Bobby Alu, Jason Mraz

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Andy Eastwood – Rockin’ the Uke Bobby Alu – Lavalava Samoa Dani Joy – There, There Jason Mraz with the BBC Concert Orchestra – Look For The Good viosus – The Battle of Aughrim Eva & the Vagabond Tales- Tomorrow Comes Too Soon Thanks to @ukeist LOCUM – I Wish Craig […]

Friday Links: Willie K RIP

Hawaiian ukulele legend, Willie K dies at age 59 after 2-year battle with cancer. Willie was a consumate musician who was as at home playing the blues and shredding with Steven Tyler as he was performing classical music using his startling operatic voice. – An auction of Formby banjoleles and memorabilia turned out nice again […]

John Prine – Fish and Whistle/In Spite of Ourselves (Tab)

John Prine – Fish and Whistle/In Spite of Ourselves (Tab) A little tribute to John Prine who passed away last month. Both these pieces use Cotten picking (named after Elizabeth Cotten) where the thumb alternates between the g- and C-strings and the index and middle fingers play the melody on the E- and A-strings respectively. […]

Uke Hunt is Thirteen

Uke Hunt turned 13 this month. According to WebMD a 13 year olds will, “speak in longer, more complex sentences [and] use sarcasm and humor.” Fascinating. Here’s a round-up of the goings-on of the last year. May 2019 In tabs: The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year, Ukulele Ike – Ja-Da (Tab) and K-Pop […]

Gary Jules – Mad World (Tab)

Gary Jules – Mad World (Tab) This month’s most popular request on Patreon was Joern’s suggestion of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World by Tears for Fears. Which is understandable in the current situation. But, boy, is it gloomy. I like some dour music but this one is a little too bleak for me. On […]

UkeTube: Ninebarrow, The Oh Yeahs, Ukulele Death Squad

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Ninebarrow (with Hart Voices and The Chantry Singers) – The Hour of the Blackbird The Oh Yeahs – And Anyway Danny Yau – G.O.A.T. Thanks to whatsinyourrottensoul Ukulele Death Squad – Let Me Down Thomas Zwijsen – Run To The Hills Yanger in Tosoa – Masida Moju Mi Ahu Sangi’sara On […]

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel Theme (Tab)

Cecilia Krull – My Life Is Going On (Tab) Ever since Money Heist hit Netflix, I’ve had a steady stream of YouTube commenters telling me I look like Helsinki (played by Darko Peric. There were only two responses I could make to this: get a giant, angry bear tattooed on my body or do a […]

EatMyUke – Final Fantasy 7 Soundtrack Medley (Tab)

You might have noticed that I’m a big fan of EatMyUke (aka Stan) and highly recommend watching his fantastic ukulele medley videos. So I’m delighted to have him on Uke Hunt to share tabs (in low-G tuning) for his medley of Final Fantasy VII tunes. Arranging multiple themes from the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack is […]

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti (Tab)

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti (Tab) On hearing of the sad news of the death of Little Richard I had to bash out this classic. Refined and precise, it is not. But hopefully it’s got some of the spirit of the original and is closer to Little Richard than it is to Pat Boone. It’s […]

UkeTube: Clem Snide, Scott Avett, UOGB

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Clem Snide & Scott Avett – Roger Ebert Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Limehouse Blues Bad Mouse Orchestra – Let’s Misbehave Izumi Pahepuaokalani – Aloha No Au I Ko Maka Herman Vandecauter – Quarantine Polka On machete Ryo Natoyama – Tears In Heaven Dust Sweepers – Home in Pasadena Bob […]

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