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Friday Links: Joni Mitchell Lost Tapes, President Carter and a Magpie

– Lost tapes of a young Joni Mitchell playing ukulele found. – Eddie Vedder played a song for Jimmy Carter on a ukulele made of wood from Carter’s estate. Close-ups of the uke on luthier Beau Hannam’s Facebook. – Jake Shimabukuro discusses how he’s been handling the hellscape of 2020. – Magpie joins the THUG’s […]

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows (Tab)

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows (Tab) There’s so much going on in this song: the complex chords, subtle key changes, that weird thing at the start of the bridge. If you want a breakdown of the theory, I recommend 8 Bit Music Theory’s discussion of the song. But I do want to call […]

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