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Friday Links: Ukes in Space and Video Games

– Continuing in the tradition of Neil Armstrong, SpaceX launched a Martin ukulele into space along with a load of other junk. – Jake Shimabukuro has announced a new album with a cavalcade of stars including Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett and Bette Midler. – The new Life is Strange game is out and ukulelist mxmtoon […]

Tenacious D – Fuck Her Gently (Tabs)

Tenacious D – Fuck Her Gently (Tab) Here’s my take on Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s lewd ode to soft loving. But if you don’t tell anyone what the title is, it functions nicely as a pleasant tune. The jump up the neck at the start of the chorus (bars 19 and 20) is particularly […]

In Heaven (from Eraserhead) (Tabs)

Peter Ivers & David Lynch – In Heaven (Tab) If you’re ever in the mood for a strange but hilarious movie, I highly recommend Eraserhead. One of the film’s many joys is the Lady in the Radiator song. The song has had a life outside the movie as In Heaven becoming a Pixies live favourite […]

Frank and Nancy Sinatra – Something Stupid (Tabs)

Frank and Nancy Sinatra – Something Stupid (Tab) Something Stupid was made famous by Frank and Nancy Sinatra and written by C Carson Parks (who I just learned is brother of Van Dyke Parks). More recently, Lola Marsh recorded a ukulele version for Better Call Saul. There’s plenty of scope for your own noodles if […]

UkeTube: Willie Nelson and Jake, Mr B, Grupo Semente

Watch on YouTube Playlist Brian Teaches Music – Autumn Leaves Jake Shimabukuro and Willie Nelson – Stardust Grupo Semente – Palhaço On cavaquinho. Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Lessons Learned From Lockdowns One To Three Yuki Saito – Turbulence mxmtoon – in the darkness Jonathan Lewis – Morrison's Jig The Emerald Ruby – James Falls […]

Spice Up Your Playing with Modes

I’m sure I’m not the only one who often feels like they’re trotting out the same licks and scales all the time. When I feel like that, I like to dig out a new move (or an old move I’ve forgotten about) and experiment with. One place to find these ideas is in modes. There’s […]

David Bowie – Space Oddity (Tabs)

David Bowie – Space Oddity (Tab) I covered David Bowie’s Space Oddity in the first ever “band” I was in. So this version has been about a quarter of a century in the making. I’ve used some artificial harmonics in the intro because they’re the spaciest sound you can get on a ukulele. But you […]

Roy Orbison – Crying (Tabs)

Roy Orbison – Crying (Tab) A version of Roy Orbison’s Crying which Rolling Stone declared the 69th greatest song of all time. Nice. Roy Orbison’s unmistakeable falsetto is in full effect in this song. So the big challenge here is jumping up and now the neck accurately. In the second chorus, the melody goes all […]