Friday Links: Drones, Kevin Bacon and Slytherin Ukers

On Video
– More evidence against the folks who say that if everyone played the ukulele the world would be a better place as Scott Morrison picks up the uke and makes a knob of himself. Not the only Slytherin uker.
– You can now get your ukulele delivered by drone.
Kevin Bacon sings a song for a couple of goats (and Tom Brady).

New Releases
– Beirut have put out a retrospective album Artifacts including some old uke favourites and unreleased tracks.
– If you’ve been around here a while, you might remember Uke Hunt favourite Sanfordandsong. He’s back with a new duo The Incidentals. You can listen to and acquire their debut record on Bandcamp.

Window Shopping
RIGuitars recreate Waylon Jennings’s guitar in uke form.
KoAloha Koa Octapus.


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