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New Fenders, UkeBags: Ukulele Window Shopping

Fender has two new ukuleles out both small and cheaper than their previous tenor-only ukes. The concert size Mino’Aka and the soprano U’Uku. And they’ve taken the admirable step of saying the ukuleles are laminated in their product descriptions. UkeBag.com has some very fetching handmade ukulele bags. Kanile’a are mostly known for their finely crafted […]

Eric Clapton’s Uke: Ukulele Window Shopping

The ukulele previously owned by Eric Clapton that was sold at Bonhams earlier this year is now up for sale on eBay. At first I just thought Luna ukuleles were making ukes that weren’t, to say the least, to my taste. But seeing their Luna Peace ukulele has convinced me they’re doing it specifically to […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

Cuddly uke-puppets, U900 are bringing out a solid electric ukulele. Does anyone have any experiences with Kamoa ukuleles? I’ve had a couple of people ask and I don’t have the first clue. If you’ve got an opinion, let everyone know in the comments. Photos: 1930s duo, Bessie Love, arcade ukulele, 1927 ukulele girls.

Five Most Ridiculous Ukulele Trends

The ukulele often gets lumbered with the ‘novelty instrument’ tag. Obviously unfair. But there are some ukuleles that are asking for it. There have been quite a few trends in ukuleles of dubious usefulness (cutaways, slotted headstocks, oddly-placed soundholes), but these five stick in my mind. Feel free to leave your nominations in the comments. […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

The Jake-style slotted headstock is continuing it’s move from high-end instruments to the more affordable end. Oscar Schmidt have been experimenting with them and you can buy a Oscar Schmidt OU6SL prototype on eBay if you have to have one. I’m not entirely sure what happened to Mid-East‘s sitar-kulele. I haven’t seen them for sale […]

KoAloha Gumbalele: Ukulele Window Shopping

I couldn’t find much information on KoAloha’s Gumbalele other than this video (thanks to Mark). Looks like it’s part of KoAloha’s efforts towards helping the Japanese Red Cross. On the subject of which, KoAloha are giving away an MP3 including Alvin Okami and Herb Ohta Jr to help raise money. Eddie Vedder’s ukulele sold for […]

Expensive Ukes: Ukulele Window Shopping

After a week looking at cheap ukuleles, back to the ukes only those of you with vast resources who lounge in their ukulele-shaped pool wearing diamond ukulele necklaces. Starting off with a Kamaka signed by Eddie Vedder and used on his album. It’s being auctioned off for charity (read the details here) and has already […]

Cheap Ukes: Ukulele Window Shopping

After last week’s Window Shopping post I got a few complaints about the insane prices of the ukuleles featured. Looking solely at ukuleles I’m too poor to afford is the only way to ensure I don’t end up buying one. But this week I put my wallet in peril for you and look at what […]

Martin Employee Tenor: Ukulele Window Shopping

Martin, being a very generous company, allowed employees near retirement to come in on their days off and build an instrument of their own choosing. While it was a bit stingy not to let them do it in their work-hours, it has produced a healthy number of collectable ukuleles. This week there’s this 1947 Spruce-top […]

Breedlove: Ukulele Window Shopping

Ukulele I’d buy if money were no object: Breedlove Soprano Prototype. Ukulele I’m a bit tempted by and is within my budget: Ohana TK35G-5 5 string. I love my Ohana TK-35G and the prospect of a uke that has both low and high-G strings is intriguing. The number of heavily decorated ukuleles just keeps going […]

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