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Flea Banjolele: Ukulele Window Shopping

A couple more interesting videos from NAMM 2011. Epiphone are bringing out an official Les Paul ukulele but that guy is so annoying I’m already striking it from my want-list. Much more likeable are the Beloffs with their Flea banjo-uke and (from around 4:25) the solid-body electric Fluke. Kerri Char custom tenor. Photo: Women with […]

aNueNue Harp Ukulele: Window Shopping

Plenty of ukes at NAMM to salivate over but the one that’s got me warming up the credit card is aNueNue’s harp ukulele (designed with Pete Howlett). I got in touch with Johnson from aNueNue for more details: Tenor Size/Scale Canadian Sitka Spruce Khaya Mahogany Sub-bass side with Pegheds Machinehead Included a Hardshell case I […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

I’ve been cooing over the 4-figure vintage ukes this week: * 1920s Martin 5K * Style 3 Taropatch * 1920s Martin 3K * Gibson Uke 3 Lest you think using ukuleles in ads is a recent development: Ansco and Miller. Ukulele kitsch: The battle for tackiest ukulele Christmas ornament is as heated as ever with […]

Ukulele Christmas List

I used to be pretty easy to buy for. A CD or anything ukulele related would serve. Spotify has completely killed off the first and I have more ukulele stuff than anyone of limited abilities can make use of. So here’s a list for those of you dying to send me over-priced junk for Christmas […]

Ukulele Marketing

As the ukulele market has exploded, competition for sales has got fiercer. It’s interesting to see how various companies have attempted to spread the word. There has been quite a variety of tactics. Disclaimer: These are my idle musings. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Product Lines – Kala Kala have really pumped out […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

One of the many joys of YouTube is being able to find demonstrations and reviews of some of the more recent or more obscure ukes. Here are a few I found to be of interest: – Solid-body electric ukes are a difficult thing to get right. I haven’t tried one that’s really nailed it. I […]

BadAax, Mainland Plastic Gecko: Ukulele Window Shopping

Mainland are following Kala into the pastel and plastic ukulele field. Interesting that both brands seem to be distancing themselves from the plastics ukes. Kala market theirs as Makala. And the Mainlands are missing the logo on the headstock and seem to have Gecko on the soundhole sticker. Also hoosierhiver (of Mainland) was playing down […]

Ukulele Sales

An interesting article about ukulele sales talking to a number of sellers (via Arch on the Cosmos). Despite a few clangers (Kamaka was established in nineteen-sixTEEN rather than nineteen-sixTY, and there’s still no ukulele in I’m Yours) it’s well worth a read through. It’s a long article so here are a few quotes: Sammy Ash […]

aNueNue 1879, Fretboard Decoration: Ukulele Window Shopping

I don’t mind a bit of decorative filigree on a uke, but I’m not so keen on decorated fretboards. If I’m looking at the fretboard I’m down to my business socks because it’s business time. I even find the swirls a bit distracting. So I’ll be staying away from the kabuki craziness on this M’s […]

Eleuke Acoustic-Electric, Harp Ukes: Ukulele Window Shopping

Eleuke’s move into acoustic-electric ukuleles might have caused ructions with distributors but their preliminary 2011 catalogue (PDF link) makes for interesting perusing. New models include two cigar-box ukuleles, oddly placed soundholes (similar to this solidbody) and some stylish looking ukes in ebony and ash. Ukulelezaza has been showing off his Knutsen harp ukulele. And describes […]

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