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Fingerpicking Ukulele Lessons

Fingerpicking Basics Fingerpicking First Steps Easy Fingerpicking Playing one note at a time. Stephin Merritt – Smile Earlyguard – Busy Bee Silent Night Oh Christmas Tree Moderate Fingerpicking Introducing chords and melody notes. Hawaii Five-O Indiana Jones Super Mario Theme Godfather Theme Tricky Fingerpicking Introduction to campanella playing You can use the campanella technique to […]

Advanced Ukulele Lessons

Once you’ve got to grips with the tabs in the intermediate section, it’s time to move up to playing some full tunes. Step 1: New Tabs and Techniques Strum blocking Fingering and repeats Advanced strums and rhythms Hammer-ons and pull-offs Slides Advanced repeats, accents and trills Vibrato, grace notes and bends String bending tips Extra […]

Intermediate Ukulele Lessons

The improver section will have set you up with some serious chops. Now it’s time to start digging into tab and really showing off. Step 1: Learn to Read Tab – Frets and Strings – Rhythm – First ukulele tabs. A few short and simple but highly effective bits of tab: WIUO – It’s A […]

Improver Ukulele Lessons

Following on from the beginner lessons, you’re rocking through the easy chords, have your strumming down and learnt some fundamentals. In this section we’ll kick it up a notch with some more advanced chords. Step 1: Barre Chords – Barre chord playing tips – Barre chords and inversions – Songs with barre chords: Ingrid Michaelson […]

Beginner Ukulele Lessons

You’ve just got your hands on a ukulele (or are just thinking of buying one). Here are a few things to read and songs to play that’ll get you up to speed quickly. Step One: Learn the basics – So You’ve Just Got Your First Ukulele – a free PDF I put together for beginners […]

Make Your Own Ukulele Chord Solos: Interview

Arranging tunes for the ukulele is obviously a subject close to my heart so when Michael (who you may know as LStrachey and reyalpEleluku on YouTube) asked me to look over the draft of his book Make Your Own Chord Solos I jumped at the chance. It’s now available and it’s an excellent little guide […]

How to Read Ukulele Tab Part 9

A recent comment from George made me realise that I’d completely forgotten to include rests in the How To Read Ukulele Tab series. So here it is. Better a year and a half late than never. Rests indicate that there shouldn’t be anything playing at all. That means if there was a note played before […]

Practice Tips: Record Yourself

I tried a bit of archery recently. The best part of learning to shoot projectiles is that you get instant feedback on how well your doing. If you’re getting it wrong, you know about it straight away and you know how far off you are. It’s much trickier to do that when you’re learning an […]

How to Play Ukulele Strums – Last Chance

The How to Play Ukulele Strums ebook has been a big hit with people. It’s already sold over 250 copies. And if you want to get your hands on it, don’t hang about because the price goes up from $14 to $17 at the end of tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd July). Here’s what people have been […]

Learn Ukulele With The Bobby McGee’s

Jimmy has upload a bunch of ukulele advice videos teaching you how to be a Bobby McGee’s style ukulele hero in the way that only he can. Here’s a selection and you can watch them all on his YouTube Channel.

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