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Makai Ukulele

Makai ukuleles seem to be strikingly similar to other ukuleles such as Hilo and Ohana. As I write, there’s a Makai concert and a Hilo concert on eBay. The only difference I can spot is that the Makai is more than $20 more expensive (both are ‘Buy It Now’s). So it’s definitely worth you checking […]

Lazy Ukulele

Lazy ukuleles, like Ashton ukuleles and Mahalo ukuleles, are another colourful and cheap ukulele mainly sold in the UK. Lazy Ukulele Review Okay, i’m going to be reviewing the first ukulele I purchased. I bought it almost a year ago from a local music shop for about £25, as I had been wanting to buy […]

Hawaiian Ukulele Company

The Hawaiian Ukulele Company is a ukulele store based in Oahu. For the most part, they sell ukuleles made by other Hawaiian companies (such as KoAloha and Sonny D). They do have one ukulele they make themselves; the Original uke. You can buy one on their website. On eBay [phpbay]hawaiian company ukulele, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay] […]

Cole Clark Ukuleles

Cole Clark Ukuleles Cole Clark are an Australian guitar maker who also have a range of ukuleles (called Ukelady). Most of their ukes are made from Australian Blackwood – from the same family of wood (Acacia) as koa wood. As far as I’m aware, they are only available in Australia. You can find some for […]

Ashton Ukulele

Ashton ukuleles are similar to Mahalo ukuleles. They’re colourful and cheerful ukuleles and, above all, cheap. They’re one of those ukuleles that schools will buy by the dozen for classes. The ukuleles are made from laminated maple with a fingerboard that is described as ‘ebonized’ (that means the wood has been stained to look like […]

Ashbury Ukulele

Ashbury are a UK firm who sell a wide range of instruments including a range of ukuleles. Their ukuleles are fairly inexpensive (but not the very cheapest) and very similar to other ukuleles out there (such as Oscar Schmidt). The range includes a resonator ukulele very similar to the Johnson resonator. I have an Ashbury […]

Martin Ukulele

Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around. There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins. Martin started producing ukuleles in 1916 and were the largest producer of ukes There are a number of different styles (from style 0 to style 5 […]

Makala Ukuleles

Makala ukuleles are the budget range of ukuleles from Kala. They are among the best in the budget price range. The Makala ukulele comes in the traditional wood look and also in a series of pastel colors (blue, pink etc.) with a dolphin bridge – these are particularly popular with kids. On Video Kirk Shimabukuro […]

Mahalo Ukulele

Mahalo are a very cheap ukulele made originally in China and now in Indonesia. They’re most popular in the UK. Their bright colours and low price tag mean that they are very popular with schools and ukulele groups. They’re not the world’s greatest uke by any means but, considering the price, it’s a decent ukulele. […]

Maccaferri Ukulele

In the 1950s, there was a huge trend for plastic ukuleles. Leading the way was the Maccaferri Islander. Maccaferri had previously been famous for making jazz guitars – particularly those played by Django Reinhardt. When plastics first started to be used to make instruments, Maccaferri jumped on the idea. Plastic meant that ukes could be […]

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