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Abbott Ukulele

Abbott Ukulele The Abbott company made a number of different instruments including banjo and guitars. But their most famous instrument was the Abbott Monarch banjo ukulele. It was this banjolele that George Formby used. As a result, the Abbott Monarch is very popular in the UK and hugely collectible. As a result, they can fetch […]

Slingerland Ukulele

Nowadays, Slingerland are most famous for their drums. However, they started out back in 1912 selling ukuleles. The Slingerland Maybell (also referred to as the May Bell or Maybelle) is a classic banjolele. On Video On eBay

Tangi Ukulele

Tangi are Hawaiian made ukuleles. They make a wide range of ukuleles including some unusual pieces including a 10 1/4 inch playable, koa ukulele and two violin shaped ukuleles (a standard one and the more fancy Kawika model). On Video Wilfried Welti tests out the tiny Tangi Manini. On eBay

aNueNue Ukulele

aNueNue are a Taiwan based company that has recently started branching out into Europe and the US. They only began in 2007 but they’ve already established a reputation for making high quality ukuleles. Their ukuleles include beginner level ukuleles (the Lani and Papa series) to more high end ukes (their Khaya, Maui and Oahu ukuleles). […]

RISA Ukulele

RISA are a German ukulele company with all their ukuleles being made in Europe. Although they make acoustic ukuleles as well, RISA are best known for their unusual and distinctive electric ukuleles: their “Uke Solid” (that looks like a stick), the Uke’Ellie and the “Electric Ukulele” (which looks like a melted Fender Stratocaster). These distinctive […]

Swagerty Ukulele

Swagerty ukuleles are some of the most distinctive, even startling, ukuleles ever produced. Swagerty first began producing ukuleles the late 1950s and became massively popular during the surf craze of the 50s and 60s – the pointed ends of their ukes were intended to be driven into the sand while their owners were off catching […]

Greg Bennett (Samick) Ukulele

Samick ukuleles are made under the auspices of Greg Bennett (who mainly make guitars). Samick themselves are a Korean company who make a wide range of budget level instruments. They’re cheaper ukuleles but have had good reviews from what I’ve seen on the net. A Samick ukulele (the UK70) has even been spotted in the […]

Pono Ukulele

Ko’olau are one of the highest quality ukulele makers around. Their ukuleles can be hugely expensive. Their Model 500 ukuleles sell for up to $9,000. The Pono range is their more affordable range. Affordable being a relative term here – Ponos are not cheap by any means. There’s not much corner cutting with these instruments. […]

Pahu Kani Ukulele

Pahu Kani ukuleles are Hawaiian made and one of the top end ukuleles. Their ukes are always highly distinctive with sound holes cropping up in strange places, parts of the uke’s body chopped off or shark and turle decorations. On Video On eBay

National Ukulele

The National Company are most famous for make steel, resonator instruments. These instruments produce plenty of volume. Even the tiny ukulele creates a huge sound. The company began producing instruments in the 1920s and their design shows it. Some of the best instruments are designed in a heavily art deco style. Many National ukuleles will […]

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