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Makala MK-T Tenor Ukulele

Makala are Kala‘s introductory range of ukuleles. If you’re looking for the cheapest but playable tenor, this is a good buy. But it’s worth getting one with set-up and some decent strings (like Aquila) if you can find them. On Video gnarlieone plays Roy Smeck’s Magic Ukulele Waltz on a tenor Makala. On eBay On […]

Kala Travel Spruce KA-SSTU-S Ukulele

It might seem like the soprano ukulele is already an exceptionally portable instrument, but Kala have taken that idea one step further. They have made it even more compact by shrinking the width of the body (to an inch and a half at the widest). The uke has a solid spruce top making it very […]

Lanikai LU-21 Standard Soprano Ukulele

The LU-21 is the ukulele that Lanikai is most famous for. It’s a huge hit with beginners, with good reason. It’s a well made uke with geared tuners (essential on a cheap uke). It’s made of Nato wood – which is advertised as an alternative to mahogany but is a long way from it. Still […]